Clinical Hypnosis, Hypnotherapie and spirituell Coaching in Munich or Online.

Is it Time to change something?


Are you determined to lead a happy life, reach your goals, overcoming obstacles and self-doubt that may be hindering your progress?


Together, we can make this happen. 

I offer powerful self-help tools, including hypnosis, that will empower you for a lifetime.


What sets my approach apart is that I address the root cause of the issue rather than merely treating the symptoms.

This transformation is coupled with enhancing your relationship with yourself—helping you better understand your needs and yourself.



Hi!  I'm Ditte Ferrigan and a certified clinical Hypnotherapist and mindest- coach based in Munich. 


I am German and offer fluent English hypnosis sessions in my practice in Munich and online.  It is crucial to bring authentic language proficiency and cultural sensitivity to ensure effective therapy in a language other than your mother tongue.


My passion is assisting individuals in attaining greater inner freedom through hypnosis and meditation.

Liberating you from self-love deficiencies, stress, and self-sabotage using hypnosis.

Achieving harmony with yourself and cultivating self-liking is an art. Despite appearing successful externally, few have mastered it.


This art of maintaining a harmonious relationship with oneself is typically absent from curricula, whether in school, training, or studies.

This is where my expertise lies. I've traversed, and continue to traverse, this exciting path to a life rich in self-love and joy myself. I look forward to accompanying you on your journey to self-discovery with hypnosis and my well-stocked toolbox. 

Die Sonne hinter den Wolken als Sinnbild für unsere seelische Gesundheit

Your past mindset and belief system have shaped your current reality.

Through hypnosis, I work to fortify and unlock your latent abilities.


With my guidance, you will:

  • Clearly define your conscious goal
  • Identity and eliminate sabotaging thought patterns.
  • Cultivate self-care practices
  • Align your thinking with newfound positive strength
  • Access your own internal resources for success

The exciting part is, as you progress towards your goals, you'll discover the joy of relaxing more deeply through self-efficacy, also known as resilience. Prepare to be astonished by your untapped potential and the vast well-being that awaits you!

Embark on a journey where hypnosis becomes an enjoyable and transformative experience. Learn more about the fascinating world of hypnosis and its many benefits. Let's explore together!



How does it Work?

Our potential collaboration always starts with a free individual preliminary conversation via phone or video link.


This allows me to learn about your goals with hypnosis or my overall offerings, and provides you the opportunity to ask any questions.


If we mutually decide to proceed with our collaboration, we will discuss together the number of sessions needed to achieve your goals.


We will then schedule the first session, which typically lasts two hours.


If you are not based in Munich, we conduct sessions online. For this, you will receive a data protection-compliant, unique link for each session. 

Interestingly, it has been observed that my clients effortlessly enter into hypnosis, even when they are not physically in the same room with me.


After all, logistical factors such as the respective place of residence are not easily changeable. Therefore, it is sufficient to have the intention that the online sessions will yield optimal results, and indeed, experience has shown that this is the case


For further support, you typically receive your customized hypnosis audio recording for the time between appointments. This recording can be listened to at home, aiding in reinforcing the new insights and techniques until our next session.

my Philosophy:

We are all the main characters in our lives, embarking on our self determined individual hero's story.

We are all the protagonists in our own lives, each on a unique hero's journey. 

Acknowledging that our past biography is a story we tell ourselves may require a shift in perspective. It might even feel provocative.

We often believe that our thoughts and narratives about past experiences are absolute truths—facts!  And they are—for us.

As long as we keep telling the same "story," the same version, and find peace within ourselves and our lives, why change it?


Whenever we find ourselves out of balance, whether in terms of health, profession, finances, or relationships, we begin to suffer and seek solutions. It can be beneficial to contemplate a new version of your life story in such moments. I am here to support you in this process.


During hypnosis, I assist in anchoring a new, self-empowering story in your unconscious mind through inner images and empowering suggestions.

This facilitates a sustainable realignment, change, and recovery in the present.


It might seem simple, but our perception of the world is shaped by the stories we tell ourselves.

what is hypnosis?

Eine tanzende Figur aus der ein Baum wächst, als Symbol für Selbstheilungskraft.


Hypnosis is a natural state of the human mind that encompasses numerous benefits for our well-being. 'Natural' means that hypnosis is ordinary, even the norm.

In this state, hypnosis involves deep relaxation and simultaneous concentration. It is not sleep but a form of absorption. People go into hypnosis every day, only they often do not notice or label it as such.


In this state of inner absorption, the focus is on a single thing, excluding everything else. The inner critic, who constantly chatters away, also relaxes.

I utilize this natural ability of the human mind in my hypnotherapy for the holistic development of my clients.

This enables changes that would not be conceivable through purely cognitive work.


what is hypnosis not?

Countless myths surround hypnosis, perpetuated mainly through television formats and other media.

However, hypnosis is not a magical wand that relieves us of personal effort, with the hypnotist doing all the work.


Some common misconceptions include the idea that people become mindless beings unable to count to three, relinquishing all control and becoming manipulable without their own intention. They may also disclose private information during trance that they would prefer to keep to themselves.


None of these scenarios are accurate. Those who have not given their consent cannot be hypnotized – it's that simple. And for those who wish to experience the inability to count to three, it is a deliberate intention and source of enjoyment. Show hypnotists select participants with mutual consent.


Conversely, hypnosis is ineffective without a strong desire for change. The motivation to anchor what is learned through repetition is consequently much greater.

In summary, internal work must still be undertaken in hypnotherapy.